The Power of Water

    I visited GlacierA mass of ice that persists for many years and notably deforms and flows under the influence of gravity. Canyon when I was staying in Grindelwald, Switzerland. This site is a spectacular tourist location and I had grand plans on finishing a video walking tour through the canyon days ago. Well time has flown by since I met up with the entire Sliding Glaciers science team, and I just now had time to put the finishing touches on the video.

    Glacier Canyon
    View along a part of Glacier Canyon in Grindlewald, Switzerland.

    Pictures are not enough to show how amazing this canyon is, so enjoy this walking video tour through the canyon.

    PolarTREC Poppy

    Not much free time around here. Time not spent in the field or sleeping is spent writing journals, etc. Here Poppy looks over my most recent journal for me.

    Poppy computer
    My days are very full between being in the field and writing for PolarTREC. Poppy was nice enough to look over my last journal for me.

    Daily Haiku

    Write, hike, eat then sleep
    PolarTREC days are busy
    Wake up and repeat




    My husband and I have been taking vacations to see glaciers for the past 5 or so years. At each site, the story is the same, a once grand glacier many kilometers thick has receded 5 , 10 or even 15 kilometers from its original position.