Glacial valley with heavy smoke
    Smoky Drive

    I finally made it to the Toolik field station. It was a long day of travel with very heavy smoke from nearby fires. No other traveler accompanied me on the trip, so it was only myself and the driver. We left Fairbanks at 8:30 am and arrived at the station at 7:02 pm. The road was rough with lots of mud and potholes, and the fire limited visibility significantly. There were a few times on our journey that our visibility went down to about thirty to fifty feet! These are not ideal conditions considering that many trucks travel these roads, but in the end, we made it safely to camp. I did not see much wildlife, but there were some stunning views.

    After driving for about 5 hours from Fairbanks we made it to the Arctic circle sign.
    I made it to the Arctic circle!
    Once I arrived in Toolik, we made our way to the famous cafeteria for some epic leftovers. Eventually, I was able to make it to my WeatherPort. As you can see in the images below the accommodations are surprisingly comfortable. I even have a fantastic view of the Brooks Range.
    5 star accomodations inside the WeatherPort looking from the outside
    Looking into WeatherPort
    The WeatherPort even has a dresser and a mattress!
    WeatherPort dresser and bed
    Amazing view looking out of my weatherport
    View looking out of WeatherPort
    Tomorrow I'll be traveling out to the field with the research team at a remote location so make sure to check-in for my next update!