I finished the first leg of my journey to Toolik today. I flew from Orange County in Southern California to Seattle, Washington, and then to Fairbanks, Alaska. I was concerned about making it to my flight this morning because I drastically underestimated the capabilities of the carpool lane during light rain in Southern California. Lesson learned. The roads in Southern California, regardless of day or time, will come to a standstill when any moisture touches the roadway. Aside from this delay, however, the rest of my journey was uneventful. I was even surprised by a Vietnamese restaurant in the Seattle airport that was delicious and not the normal sandwiches or pizza. If you're in terminal N be on the look out for Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen.

    Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen
    Delicious airport food in Seattle!

    I'm so excited about meeting Donie Bret-Harte's research team when I arrive in Toolik tomorrow. I'll be primarily helping with harvesting, and the identification of plants and I'm looking forward to seeing the fieldwork in action. I leave Fairbanks in a truck or van in the morning and then will drive all day on the Dalton Highway to Toolik. Check this website tomorrow to read a new journal entry to see how my drive and arrival to Toolik go!