Live conference from the Oden at the Drake Passage sailing toward Antarctica Position:

59 South and 74 W, Drake Passage, calm seas, sunshine, rain and fog during 24 h

Thanks to everybody who participated and everybody who made today's live conference call over Iridium satellite possible! Listening to everyone and especially to my students from Hanna High School in Brownsville, TX was awesome. Yes, sciences rules at Hanna! Thanks students, it was great chatting with you.

What are the odds of having students from the Rio Grande Valley talking to their science teacher on an icebreaker at 59 South 74 W, sailing to Antarctica live? Special thanks to the scientists Brent Steward and Steve Ackley for answering Antarctic related research questions, Janet and the ARCUS people in Fairbanks, Thomas Arnell the Captain of the Oden, Eva Groenlund the expedition leader and Axel Meiton the Swedish radio technician on the Oden.

Connecting to you over Iridium Satellites was not easy especially when the ship rolls and rocks in the ocean. Problems got solved and I hope that you had some fun at the other end talking to us. We sure did.

Somebody asked us what are the most fun things to do on the ship? Well, everything- watching birds and spotting dolphins, studying and doing science, talking to cool people from different nations and anticipating the white continent. The list goes on.

Message to you- go out, see the world and learning is fun.

Best wishes and talk to you on Wednesday,


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