Enjoying Sisimiut - August 24, 2013

    Today we visited Sisimiut, Greenland. It is a town of approximately 5,600 residents. Our tour guide, a Sisimiut native, showed us around the area. The population of this community is expanding with 100 births per year. There is a 6-month waiting list for an apartment, and signs of construction could be seen.

    Day 14 Map
    Day 14 Map of Sismiut, Greenland

    Colorful buildings
    Colorful buildings in Sisimiut as seen from the dock

    On the dock
    Crystal Thiele and me in front of the ship

    The buildings in Sisimiut are very colorful. Traditionally the house colors had the following meaning. Yellow represented hospitals or medical care, green represented hunters homes, red buildings were where you could get government paperwork done, and blue was for the homes of fishermen. This tradition is no longer followed, but the bright colors remain.

    Harbor view
    Blue fish processing plant in harbor

    shark boat
    Shark boat in Sisimiut

    One tradition that is thriving is kayaking. The kayaking club in Sisimiut passes on skills in the art of building and using kayaks to the next generation of kayakers.

    Kayak club
    Our tour guide showing us the kayaks at the club in Sisimiut

    Marine Supply Store
    Marine Supply Store in Sisimiut

    We were treated to a running race on the day we were in Sisimiut. There were several options, a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or a marathon.

    Race Finish
    Race finish line in Sisimiut

    young runner
    Young fan practicing for a marathon

    Enjoy some of the sites we saw about the town.

    Cairn outside Knud Rasmussen hostel in Sisimiut

    Sisimiut home
    Home in Sisimiut with drying rack and sled dog puppies

    Sisimiut Cemetery

    School Playground
    Christina Riska enjoying school playground in Sisimiut

    Narwhal Clock
    Narwhal Clock in Sisimiut Museum

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