10 July 2018 Eagles and Crab pots!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of the Deadliest Catch. One thing you see in the TV show whenever they are in Dutch Harbor are the eagles. I kind of thought it was staged but no, they are everywhere! In fact, you are hard pushed to see any other type of bird. I did met a local lady who told me there are around 600 on the island. So I thought I would share a few photos. The other thing in abundance on the island are crab pots. There are in every available space around Dutch Harbor, not only in the docks but by the houses and stores around town. CrabCrab pots. crabEagles on Crab pots. EagleEagle on the spit in the dock area. EagleEagles on a crab sorting table. EagleBald Eagle. CrabCrab pots.

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