Fireworks are hard in the summer in Alaska because of the long daylight hours. The fireworks in Dutch Harbor were actually at midnight at the beginning of July 4th for this very reason and it still was barely dark. It was a great start to the holiday and a great way to celebrate the end of our cruise.

    4th july
    Fireworks at Midnight.

    On the 4th, the town of Unalaska has a parade. It was great to see the whole town come together for the celebration in such a far flung corner of the United States. Everyone was dressed in festive gear and the parade was such fun! There was a little street fair and a rubber duck race! Hundreds of ducks were released at the footbridge and we watched them make their way down the river. All ducks were retrieved at the end of the race before they made their way out to sea. It was a crazy sight to see all these little yellow rubber ducks in the water.

    4th july
    Unalaska Independence Day Parade.

    4th july
    Unalaska Independence Day Parade.

    4th july
    Unalaska Independence Day Parade Duck Race.

    The rest of our day was spent exploring the island,. We walked around the Russian orthodox church and visited the Memorial park. We also went to Alaska Ship Supply which seems to sell everything you could possibly need!

    View from the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Dutch Harbor / Unalaska
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