No it's not Sunday, but since this post is a review of unposted photos and videos of the last week I'm going to call it that again. McMurdo life is nothing if not busy – the population is rapidly moving up to 900 and there are now lines in the cafeteria. Community is ramping up to full speed and Halloween was celebrated on Oct. 28th (Saturday) here at McMurdo. When the T-Rex costume was seen running through town I think I had seen it all. How someone managed to get a T-Rex costume all the way down here is beyond me, but I swear it's here. The trail system has nearly completely opened up now and everyone is rapidly checking out the fat tire bikes and cross country skis to get out in the amazing weather that we have been having the last couple of days.

    So while I enjoy the feast of offerings that McMurdo has from food, to activities, to science (yup that's still happening), you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and events of the last week (and in some cases before).


    Steve and Penguins
    Diver Steve Rupp contemplates the expanse of sea ice and how the heck those two little penguins got out there!
    Penguins! x2
    I didn't actually think I'd be as excited as I was to see penguins. These two little Adelie penguins had managed to get far from the ice edge to enjoy an afternoon of sunning themselves – and taking very little interest in the excited group of humans.
    Mt. Erebus and Scott's Hut
    Mt. Erebus looms over Scott's Hut on Cape Evans.
    Blue Hole
    The glowing bluish dive hole dominates the interior of the dive huts. You can't help but be mesmerized by the color – truly amazing.
    Mt. Erebus
    A quick pose in front of Mt. Erebus out on the sea ice at Cape Evans – it was an amazing day! The winds can howl out here, so we were lucky to be to experience it when we did.
    Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Gretel, our trusty Hägglund pair, out on the sea ice during sea ice training.
    Blue ice
    The deep blue ice of the sea ice is thrust up by the compression of the Erebus Glacier Tongue made for fantastic photos with Mt. Erebus constantly in the background.
    Riding, riding, riding
    The sea ice provides for excellent – although extreme – fat tire biking. The Surly bikes that are provided are more than up to the task. Here I take a quick bike across the ice as the day draws to a close.
    Observation Tube
    The Observation Tube is drilled and installed every year to give the non-divers among us a view of what it's like under the ice. The long pipe extends well below the surface of the ice, allowing you to sit below the surface, watch the animals, and be amazed.
    Super Mario Lynn
    Lynn manages a Super Mario pose as she enters the ObTube – I mean how could you resist?
    View from White Island
    Looking south(ish) from White Island, the expanse of white and glaciers seems to be never ending, climbing over one hill to the next mountain. Mt. Discovery is the large peak in the distance.
    Skeletor and Solid Gold Dancer
    Skeletor and a Solid Gold Dancer prepare for Halloween by getting some eye color. Halloween is the first big event for the McMurdo community and it's taken very seriously!

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