Oh, Home

    My flight from Barrow leaves in only a few hours. Thanks, again, to PolarTREC, Anne Garland with ARIES, BASC, the people of Barrow, and everyone else that helped make this trip possible.

    An extra special thank you to my wife, Rachael, and daughter, Mava, that supported me in this growing experience -- I miss the heck out of you two (and our dog) and I can't wait to get home to you. When will PolarTREC research focus on warping and wormholes so that we PolarTREC teachers can make it back to our families as soon as we leave these lovely research sites?

    I'll arrive tomorrow in Chicago O'hare -- so it will be a couple of days until my next journal post. Thanks for following, I hope you enjoyed the journals and information.

    Weather Summary
    Sun and cloud mix, warm, and a bit breezy
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