Hollis Yenna was born and raised in northern Indiana. As a lover of all things science, he attended Purdue University in pursuit of a mechanical engineering degree. After two years of University, Hollis began working as a substitute teacher to pay for his education and quickly discovered his passion.

Hollis now lives in Nenana, Alaska, where he works as the science teacher for grades 7-12. He loves the challenge of teaching real-world, relevant science in the classroom and in only 5 years has worked as a teacher and adjunct professor at every level of education. As a young teacher, Hollis tries to better himself and his students' experiences by taking on new projects, incorporating student involvement in deciding their curriculum, and using a variety of teaching methods.

Outside of the classroom, Hollis enjoys hiking, kayaking, traveling, and playing guitar with his best friend and wife, Rachael. His latest adventure is in raising his newborn daughter, Mava, and caring for his crazy, English bulldog, Trudey.

One of Hollis' main goals in life is to show others the beauty of our Earth so we can all learn to take care of it responsibly.

Nenana City School

Nenana, AK
United States