18 August 2014 Goodbye to Ny Alesund

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Thanks for your excellent

Thanks for your excellent journal posts, Peggy. What a fascinating study and place!


It has been a fascinating study and place. Last night we went around the dinner table and shared our favorite part of the expedition. I hope that I was able to share some of that with all of you.

A final farewell

Dear Peggy,
I finally have a chance to post to your journal. I am hoping my stay-over in KISS will allow me to read through your expedition. We came out of camp yesterday and I am still acclimating to civilization. So many experiences, such a profound opportunity. Travel safe.

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Hi Tina!
We know the feeling. After leaving Ny Alesund, population 135 and arriving in Longyearbyen, population 2,080, we felt like we had really arrived in the big city. And I believe your party was only three? We are now in Oslo and experienced night for the first time in three weeks. Safe travels to you as well.

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Great job, Peggy1

Great job, Peggy1


Thanks for connecting, Judy!

changing glaciers

so neat that you were able to focus attention on the new northern plume...I think it's great your research team was able to take time to do that! I wonder if someone took note of what kinds of birds, among other information. nice quote about leaving...a human acknowledgement of changes of a different kind.

Changing glaciers

Hi Susan!
Yes, I took note of the kinds of birds! I have a running life list and I was able to add nine new birds to my list! Around the sediment plumes and upwellings it was largely Glaucous Gulls and Arctic Terns. Down fjord there was an amazing Kittiwake Colony. One day we had the boats over there to check it out. There were thousands and thousands of birds nesting on the cliffs and the noise was amazing! Plus, it was the only green cliff around. Lots of fertilizer!

William Roemmich
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Peggy and team, thanks for the sharing your exciting and productive summer with us. Your journals and dispatches have done much to bring your efforts and research alive for the scientific and teaching communities, as well as for vicarious enthusiasts like me. Well done, all. WR

Re: William Roemmich commented on 18 August 2014 Goodbye to...

Thank you, Bill. I hope everyone at Los Coches Creek Middle School has a wonderful first day of school!

Richard Miles
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Photos of the whole trip

Ms. McNeal, I would first like to thank you for you efforts in documenting this research expedition. You made the parents of these young researchers feel like we have a small understanding of the team's efforts. I am also curious as to how I can get copies of your photos! Thank you.
Parents of Jessica Miles


You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to get to know Jessica.
All of us are uploading pictures to a group folder on Google drive and Jessica has access. Most of mine are up there and I will upload the rest over the next few days.
Thanks or connecting.

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