Tina Ciarametaro is an outdoor enthusiast and a lifelong learner. She grew up in the Adirondacks and spent her summers navigating the St. Lawrence River. From an early age, she was encouraged to 'read' the natural world. Tina graduated from SUNY schools with a BS in biology and a MS in science education. She started her career in 1990 teaching biological sciences but found her niche in 2006 when she was hired by Ipswich Middle School to teach earth science.

Tina teaches earth science from the perspective of looking at the natural world through a forensics' eye; guiding her students to look for clues that nature presents, identify patterns and attempt to determine the source of change. As a teacher, Tina feels that she has a unique opportunity to help impact future generations and the decisions that are made, by sharing her experiences with her students. Tina believes the most effective teachers are those who are passionate and well educated about the subject matter they teach. Tina is confident that her PolarTREC experience will not only expand her knowledge, but motivate her students as well. When Tina isn't in the classroom she can be found hiking and camping with her family, gardening or being a naturalist aboard a whale watch boat out of Gloucester, MA.

Name: Tina Ciarametaro
Occupation: Teacher
Organization: Ipswich Middle School

Ipswich, MA
United States

Shrinking Arctic Icecaps