Finally made it home! Having a beard and looking worn out caused me to be selected for special screening and pat downs.... a long journey home and I am grateful for the experience.

    Beth Lampert
    I finally made it home after about twenty hours of travel. My daughter Beth picks me up at the airport. My beard made for several random pat downs on the way back, all in good nature though.

    I want to give special thanks to the third grade class at Chapman Hill elementary school who followed my journey and celebrated with a liquid nitrogen glacial icecream party! They tolerated all my teasing about Jens and Arla and came up with their own stories, pictures and poems which I include here.

    Emma's drawing Peyton's poem
    Emma's drawing Peyton's poem.
    Jens and Arla called for you To get some more science to do. They need your help. Melting a glacier. You can even use a laser! This is Important So come on over. Youll be surprised whats in your future.

    Lexi's drawing
    Drawing by Lexi, essay by Diego:
    We can try to make a difference by commuting less and riding bikes more. Chemicals cause global warming and use a lot of electricity to take out of the water. so by using echo friendly cleaners we save a lot of electricity. cutting down on how much electricity we use can help a lot because most of the electricity we use comes from burning fossil fuels like propane, coal, and oil which cause global warming. If we recycled everything and reused things until they cant be used anymore it would make a significant impact. If we all made little changes it would lead to big changes.
    Alexis pic and story
    Alexis picture and story:
    Jens and Arla are in the glacier alone and mr. lampert is not with them. I think that mr. Lampert was sleeping from all that hard work and Jen and Arla walked into the glacier. Oh listen you cna hear Jens talking to Arla he is saying that they need help opening the door. we better go find them, never mind, I will just wait till 8am and if the are not bck I am telling mr lampert immediately!! Right now it is 10 at night 10 hours later (8am) well I m going to see if Jens and Arla are back in mr lamperts room. Oh thank goodness you are OK? I was worried about you both. What were you doing in the glacier? Jens and Arla, well we were trying to open the secret passage and see what was in there. Oh why didnt you tell me? Didnt yo know I was scientist? No I didnt... will I will try to open it (gets all the tools) (opens the secret passage) Oh my gosh is a gummy bear island in there .. hey Jens and Arla go play! Ok?
    Eliza picture, Aliyah story
    Drawing by Eliza, story by Aliyah:
    One day Jenns and Arla , two gummy bears woke up. arla was first to talk. We have too go help the scientist in four minutes. Well then get dressed. so they did. Jenns got on a red t-shirt and red pants. Arla put on a yellow t-shirt and yellow pants. That took us 2 minutes. Okay then, we better go and fast So they ran ran and opened theier dog door and they made it just in time. Okay said Mr. Lampert. Lets get the flashlights and so they did. Cloip clop went the flashlights. Now guys lets find rocks fro Mrs foelkls class. Why asked Arla? becaseu caleb a student wanted tooask if I will bring rocks and I said yes and I will not lose that promise. Okay Okay. They both said. so the team and the two gummy bears went to tog find cool looking rock. clop crick cling ding bam went every ones hamers. then a hour late it was night and the team left. One bad thing happened the two gummy bears were left in there. the only thing that was really bad was the door was locked! so the two gummy bears screamed for lampert. Help! were trapped but at midnight they fell asleep. ding ding went the lock. finally they woke up whats that. OH its mr lampert come on lets yell so he can hear us. Help Help Help crack went the door .. Yay You oped it. You mr lampert are our hero."
    Nicholas Picture, story Isabelle
    drawing by Nicholas, story by Isabelle
    Jens and Arla were helping some workers in the tunel. when it was time to head out they forgot all about Jens and Arla. So the scientists locked all the doors and then swoosh just like that Jens and arla were locked in. They were screaming for help. O no We dont have any food or water how are we going to survive. They were running in circles asking a hole bunch of qustions. then finally Mr Lampert opend the door and they said your are hero!
    Tyrek picture, story byDylan
    Picture by Tyrek, story by Dylan
    I think that Jens and Arla are needing the scientists help because the climate change is getting hotter and they might be thinking that they will melt. Don't waste water because some people might need that water to drink or use it for something els. You can save water by takeing shorter showers, turn the tap off realy well and don't use extra water you don't need. Plese help save water. We want to help Jens and Arla be safe. If you help save water and Jens and Arla thank you."
    picture by Bridget story by Sydney
    Drawing by Bridget and story by Sydney
    Jens and Arla are still in the cave. But maybe they got lost, and found a secret door. You can only unlock it if you unlock the code. so they unlocked it, and opened it. They both found a great big Hershy bar. Their mouth kept on watering. The hershy bar was 10 feet long. They coulden't take it any more they zoomed to the candy bar and ate it all down. They found a door opened it and... they were out of the cave!
    drawing by paige, story by caleb
    drawing by paige, story by caleb
    Arla and Jens wanted the scientists because the polar bears have been chasing them in the cave and they want you to melt the ice so it will get to hot for polar bears but when you melted the ice there was a bunch of water and seals starrted attacking them so they drilled holes in the ground so the water would go out the holes but when the water got to high fish and seals started attacking them so the dug a big hole so the water would go in the hole then they figured there would be nothing else attacking them after that but then sojthing terrable happed.. the gummy bear monster chased them around the cave and finnally grabed them but they escaped and screamed so loud that a big rock fell on the gummy bear monster and jens and Arla were safe.
    drawing by Olivia story by Bridget
    drawing by Olivia story by Bridget
    Help! said Arla quickly. Arla was a gummy bear. Soon the scientist from Norway came. Mr Lampert to the rescue. Mr lampert was a superhero. He helped Arla out of the hole. when Arla got out of the hole Jens, her brouther huged her. They came to hlep mr Lampert melt a glacier. Jens and Arla told secrets to mr Lampert. They were about the glacier. Mr Lampert was in a cabin for a couple of days. Arla and Jens were left in th glacier. Mr lampert was worried about Jens and Arla the gummybears. so he put something on there bac. What that does is if they say help he can help. He can hear them. The next day Jens went down stars and turned on the tv. But they were out of wifi. Jens herd a rumble. He went toward the sound Arla grabbed him Avlanch! mr lampert came soaring through the window and grabed both of them. He pushed the rocks back. Arla and Jens never, I mean never went in that room again.