I will be leaving on the ferry in a few days and I am just exploring the area in these last days. Today I went over to the south side and hiked a bit. It is more rustic over there and it offers some different views. It is interesting to feel land locked here. The fjords in Norway are plentiful, and you can feel how isolated people would be without the ferry's to transport them around the steep glacier valleys.

    Rope bridge
    There is a rope bridge for tourists to cross over the glacier stream. I am just a physics geek, thinking of the natural resonate frequency and happy that I do not have a class load of students jumping up and down right now.
    Steep mountains
    From the south side you can see the steep mountains and the snow chutes that lead down to the walking path.
    Walking path covered in rocks
    The south side has a bit more rocks to navigate by, I wonder if this was how the north side was before it was cleared, or if this is just natural.
    Michael Lampert by creek
    It is very peaceful on this side of the glacier, there are many creeks that spill into each other. If is easy to find the perfect boulder and just kick back and enjoy. I drank the water while I was inside the glacier, but I am not sure I would drink out of the creek despite how clean it looks.
    More flowers that I have no clue what they are, I am looking for the Svartisvalmuen, it is a rare flower that only grows here, it looks like this, yellow and upright, but I have my doubts this is it.
    Peaceful Glacial view
    Near the tourist house you can capture a picture of the Svartisen glacier straight on.