Location: Home (Pleasant Grove, Utah)

    Weather: "Nice". Upper 50's.

    Menu: Freshies (fresh fruits and veggies)

    I have been home for a few days. Things are going well. It has been fun to see friends. I liked the grocery store. It smelled so good to stand in the produce section. I like grass (even though it's brown this time of year). I like temperatures above freezing. I like to sleep in the dark.

    I have hours and hours of GoPro video that I shot. You have seen just a small portion. It took about 24 hours to upload a video while on the ice because of the slow internet. I have been working on a few and will slip a few here for you to watch.
    This video was from one of my favorite trips...University Valley. It was the highest valley I got to. It was the coldest (well below zero). The ground was frozen right at the surface. Check out the tools Dr. Adams needed to get soil samples here. Life, if found here, is definitely extreme. The helicopter crew waited for us to do our sampling and then we flew out. The photos at the end might give you a small feeling of the spectacular scenery we enjoyed while flying up to, and down out of, University Valley. Put it on your big screens, with surround sound, and enjoy.