Leaving the dock

We are heading out later than originally scheduled due to 9 people not having all their gear. It is hoped it will arrive on the first flight today. Unfortunately, only two bags did not make it soooo they had to make a mad dash to the store for supplies.

Life ring
USCGC Healy life ring

The tug helps us to leave the port.

Red Tide
Do you see the deep red color in the water? That is red tide!

Bow of the Healy
As we leave Dutch Harbor, this is the view of the passage from the bow.

Backside of the bridge
Behind the bridge is one of several decks to view the beauty. The tug picture was taken from that vantage point.

Science Lab

Every thing in the lab has to be strapped down...microscopes, coolers, and you name it. Each group has there own section of lab space yet they all collaborate through the cruise.

Science lab aboard the ship with each section representing a different team.

Meet the team minus one

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute will focus on three areas that also incorporate data management. (I will break up the science in future journals including the participants' names.) The projects are infaunal biomass, density, and diversity, stable isotopes, and sediment nutrient analysis.

Dunton Team
In the winch room of the ship, stands part of the team.

The Patch

I have the transdermal scopolamine patch in place behind my left ear. Just and FYI... cutting the patch in half is not a way to decrease the dosage and it will mess up the 72 hour time release. I have instructed some members on the team that if I begin to act "zombie like" that they have my permission to tackle me and rip off the patch. Actually, I am more concerned about the possible side effect of rapid heartbeat. I will keep you posted.

53° 35' 24" N , 166° 17' 17" E
Bering Sea
Weather Summary
Cloudy and misty
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