Our basic needs are more than met.... food, water, and shelter...

Remember the rule of three for extreme situations: you cannot survive more than 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. The oxygen or air is not a problem this trip; thus in Part one (1) I will talk about shelter and food.

Shelter...my room or cabin (as it is called on a ship)

There are so many people on the ship that we are bunking 3 to a cabin. Male and female ratio of the science party is about the same. (Science is not just a guy thing it is a girl thing too!)

The view of my cabin showing the three bunks. i have he bottom bunk with the green sheets.

A different angle of the cabin showing desks and storage areas.

We share a bathroom with another cabin. The right side is the shower barely big enough for you to turn around and a toilet (known as the "head") to the left.

This bathroom is shared with another cabin.

Food...yes please!

There are 83 crewmembers, 46 science party members, and 4 others. How do they feed all of us? Let's use my favorite meal of the day as an example, breakfast. For a single breakfast 1 case of eggs (15 dozen), 25 pounds of bacon and 10 gallons of milk are used. Meals are brief and you better be there on time or you will miss out. Why such a strict schedule...well as soon as they are through with one meal it is time to prepare for the next one.

This is the galley (kitchen) where they prepare food for 134 people. Very impressive!

food self serve area
This is the area where we get our drinks, salad, and dessert. Main dishes are served at the right.

dinning area
Here is where we eat. There is this arrangement on the other side

Safety Drills

In a man over board drill everyone in the scientific party meet in a specified location for role call.

In the evacuation simulation we downed Gumby suites and report to our lifeboats. Food and water is rationed on the lifeboats, water is issued after 24 hours and food after 48 hours. There is actually more to the process than what is mentioned above.

Gumby suite
Here I am in a gumby suite.

I am assigned to life boat 7.

58° 3' 36" N , 167° 24' 54" E
Bering Sea
Weather Summary
Wind Chill
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