Bye Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Bayfront

The flight from Corpus Christi to Dallas was smooth, fast, and noisy (a little one was having a hard time maintaining). From Dallas to Anchorage was almost a 7 hour flight and would have to be the most turbulent flight I have been on in my over 40 years of flying. It was not scary, just unable to read, walk down the aisle, or maintain you drink on your tray without help. At one point the flight attendants had to strap themselves in for a while.

An aerial view of Alaska as we are approaching Anchorage.

I met two 6th grade girls on the plane that were born and raised in Alaska. I asked them how they handled the extended period of darkness at certain times of the year. They said frankly "We do as much as we can in the four hours of light." I think that in Texas I cannot get as much done, as I want with the 10-14 hours of light. How would I deal with 4? Its all in what you are used to....right?

Andrea in Anchorage airport
Here I am arriving in Anchorage!

In case you were wondering from my previous patches came in and I have them with me!