Last bit of packing

We were told recently "The plane is a Saab 340 prop plane, and they commonly offload luggage, so plan to bring a change of clothes with you, as your luggage may follow." The plane is a two engine, turboprop aircraft built by a partnership between Saab and Fairchild that holds 30-35 people. I knew about the off luggage loading, but Yikes! are they going to let me take my carry-ons (camera bag and computer case)? Find out what happens in my Sunday's journal titled Dutch Harbor.

Andrea and carry-ons
This is my carry-ons weighing less than 30lbs. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also re-fueling stops in King Salmon (58°41′24″N 156°39′38″W) or Sand Point (55°20′12″N 160°29′36″W), or Cold Bay (55°12′33″N 162°42′51″W) are common, so the flight can take longer than the advertised 3 hours. (Sand Point and Cold Bay are islands in the Aleutian island chain.) Check out the location of King Salmon at,_Alaska or plot the coordinates above.

Seasick? I hope not!

I have been on several 48-hour research cruises out to sea during my undergrad years on a ship that rolls a lot and did not get seasick. My dilemma is do I chance it or not? I cannot afford to miss one second of this once in a lifetime adventure nor miss telling the story through my journals. My students who are avid fishermen said take Bonine because it is non-drowsy and my adult friends said get some transdermal scopolamine patches (these are prescription medications). I purchased the Bonine, but guess what? The patches are sold out and they may get some back in on Friday. Now keep in mind, I am leaving Saturday! As I said some things are not as easy as they seem.

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