Celebrating A Big Birthday

    How do you celebrate a birthday U.S. Coast Guard style? With a cookout on the flight deck, corn hole, ping pong, volley ball, and cake. It was a beautifully sunny day, with Cape Lisburne in the distance, as the science group and crew of the Healy enjoyed the festivities. Coast Guard Day is observed on August 4th and commemorates the beginnings of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1790. The original "Revenue Service" was later merged with the "U.S. Life Saving Service" and the name "United States Coast Guard" was signed into law by President Wilson in 1915. Happy Birthday, U. S. Coast Guard!

    Enjoying a picnic on the Chukchi Sea, Alaska.
    A light game of volleyball while sailing through the Chukchi Sea.
    Cape Lisburne
    The first sighting of land in several weeks - Cape Lisburne, Alaska.


    You don't want to miss the opportunity to hear about the expedition and ask the scientists questions. Join the scientists and me on August 8th at 2 PM ADT (6 PM EDT) for PolarConnect. The event is free, but registration is required. For more information or registration, go to: https://www.polartrec.com/polar-connect/register

    Mystery Photo

    Can you determine what is missing in this mystery photo?

    Mystery Photo
    Can you guess what is missing from this mystery photo?

    Answer From Last Mystery Photo:
    There are several walruses congregated on the ice.

    Weather Summary
    Beautifully sunny and much warmer.
    5.29 C (41.52 F); Water Temperature 7.41 C


    Michelle Eno

    My guess is ice... And land:-). Happy birthday, US Coast Guard!

    Deanna Wheeler

    Oh my! How did you all control the ball from going to overall board? What a fun day for all. Did you eat on the pad also?

    Sandra Thornton

    Great, and accurate, guess MIchelle! It was strange to not be surrounded by ice, and when I was back on land I realized how much I had missed color - greenery, flowers, darkness of night, brightness of stars!

    Sandra Thornton

    Deanna - Just lots of luck with the volleyball, I guess :) Many of us at on the flight deck, some ate inside the helicopter hangar. It was such a gorgeously sunny day to be outside!