Deadhorse, Alaska

Toolik Field Station, North Slope, AK
June 25, 2019

Photo of the Day:

Summer Solstice Party
Jason Dobkowski was the clear winner of the summer solstice party costume contest. The party theme was "The Future," and there were many interesting interpretations. Toolik Field Station, North Slope, AK.

Today, I was gifted the opportunity to drive up to Deadhorse, Alaska to shuttle some scientists arriving at the airport back to Toolik Field Station. This was a very exciting trip for me. Deadhorse represents the northern terminus of the Dalton Highway, and it’s only 20 miles south of the Arctic Ocean.

Toolik to Deadhorse
Map of the route from Toolik Field Station to Deadhorse, AK, along the Dalton Highway. The drive took around 3.5 hours.

While waiting for the flight to arrive, I got to visit the general store and do some birding around Lake Colleen. It was around 30°F outside, though, so my stints outside the warmth of the truck were brief. Here are some videos and photos from the day:

Lake Colleen
Lake Colleen, Deadhorse, AK.

Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica)
Pacific loon (Gavia pacifica). Lake Colleen, Deadhorse, AK.

Prudhoe Bay General Store
Prudhoe Bay General Store. Deadhorse, AK.

Deadhorse Airport
The airport (Alaska Airlines) in Deadhorse, Alaska.

Prudhoe Bay Hotel
Prudhoe Bay Hotel. Deadhorse, AK.

Patterned Ground
Patterned ground (ice wedge polygons) near Deadhorse, AK. These features form due to freeze-thaw cycles in the active layer above the permafrost. Networks of thawed ice wedges can look from above like connected polygons.

Deadhorse to Toolik
Pit stop on the drive back from Deadhorse to Toolik Field Station. Dalton Highway, North Slope, AK.

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