Expedition Lecture

    Being back in Los Angeles means back to outreach as well! Now I have all the experience, photos and facts from Antarctica to share with you.

    Join me at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium on Thursday, June 18th in the John M. Olguin Auditorium from 2pm-3pm to learn more about our research expedition and Antarctica! You can ask questions and try out some of the Extreme Cold Weather too!

    ECW gear
    A visitor trying on the Extreme Cold Weather Gear at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

    Goodbye for now!

    As I wrap up this amazing experience I want to give another heart-felt Thank You! to everyone on the expedition and everyone who followed along for this incredible adventure. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to visit such a unique part of the world and to get to participate first-hand in current science research. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to have been able to share this experience and what we've learned about our changing planet with all of you following along at home and at school. Keep exploring and keep asking questions!

    Keep Exploring!

    Weather Summary
    Sunny and Warm