Mrs. Hardoy's Bon Voyage Paint Class
San Antonion Staff Painting Party send off for Mrs. Hardoy

With only days left until my departure, I was treated to BonVoyage parties this week! First, our school staff had an afterschool "meeting"...otherwise known as a BonVoyage painting party. Of course, we painted this fun Antarctica scene. I'm so blessed to have colleagues that are so supportive!
Mrs. Hardoy's Bonvoyage painting
Mrs. Hardoy's Bonvoyage "Antarctica" painting

I'm not particularly artistic, but I tried to get the penguin just right.
Any guesses what type on penguin it's supposed to be?

San Antonio Elementary Students
San Antonio Elementary wishes Mrs. Hardoy Bon Voyage

Then it was goodbye time for my students. Friday was my last day until December. Lots of hugs and well wishes. I'm really going to miss them all! I look forward to having video calls with them from Antarctica.

Next, there was a send off from my friends and family. We barbequed and enjoyed the Lockwood 85 degree evening. Thanks everyone for coming over to celebrate with me!

Mr. and Mrs. Hardoy
Bon Voyage dinner - Mr. and Mrs. Hardoy

I ended the weekend with another great meal at the best diner in Lockwood with my hubby.

School visits

San Lucas Elementary 6th-8th
San Lucas Elementary 6th-8th Grade learn about Mrs. Hardoy's expedition

Today, I was honored to meet the students from San Lucas School. They are a great bunch of students that listened to my presentation about my expedition. They thought the specimens I brought of the fish we are going to study were cute.
San Lucas Elementary Primary Students
San Lucas students watching Mrs. Hardoy's PolarTREC presentation

These kiddos asked great questions and gave me lots of ideas for more journals. They all signed a paper penguin for me that I will take to Antarctica. Thank you for your hospitality Mrs. Riley, Mr. Carvey and Mrs. Ross!


I am excited to meet with students and teachers from Arroyo Seco Elementary in Greenfield. I plan to meet with fifth and sixth graders and their teachers. I am hoping they have some questions for me!

If you are a teacher...or know one, I'd love to come visit your classroom after I return. Don't forget to look for my Polar Connect Event in early November. You will be able to join my Skype session and ask questions. Lots of lesson plans are on the PolarTREC website too.


My passport is packed, itinerary is on my phone, and my suitcase is still underweight.
I'll repack for the third time Wednesday, then say my final goodbyes. Thursday, I'll board my plane for my flight to Auckland, NewZealand. I'm staying bubblewrapped until then. No colds, no twisted ankles. I've had too many ups and downs. I think reality will hit as I finally board the plane. I'm going to Antarctica!

Until next time....

Stay Cool


Janet Warburton

Hi Denise,
Thanks for posting this journal! I can't believe it's almost time and I'm sure that you'll feel better once you are in NZ and getting that cold weather gear!! I love the painting party! I'll have to share this with Sarah.
Looking forward to your journals and following you on this expedition.
Safe travels,

Denise Hardoy

Thanks! I was so honored that almost our whole staff made it. It was great spending time with this amazing gang. They are the best!

CCDS Otters

We think it was an emperor penguin! We want to know how many schools you are going to visit? Thank you for filling us in and good luck!

Denise Hardoy

That's a great guess! You are correct. At least, that's what I was trying to paint. I visited two classes at one school yesterday, and three more classes at two other schools today. I cant wait to meet some of you CCDS Otters when I return. Thanks for following me on my expedition!

Rita Hermansen

I hope I'm doing this right

Rita Hermansen

Comment here.

Rita Hermansen

I was just watching melting glaciers on TV. How does climate change effect where your going Denise?

Denise Hardoy

I will learn more when I get there, but I believe melting is occurring mostly in the Arctic, and around the Western Antarctic Peninsula. I'm going further east to the Ross Sea. Thanks for following me!

Michel Hardoy

I am so proud of you and everything you do. I will miss you beyond words. Kick some science a**! Your "hubby"

Denise Hardoy

Thanks Dear! I appreciate your unwavering support, even when I thought I might not be going. Thanks for feeding all my critters while I'm gone.

Heidi Schacher

Rick and I are praying for you as well. I am sure it's exciting for your spouse to be going on an adventure, but wow to go so far away. What a great supportive hubby you are. Prayers that you handle her adventure well too.
Heidi and Rick


If you had more time to say your goodbyes what would you do?

Denise Hardoy

Good question. I had to think about it. I would like to spend some time to say thank you more to all the people that are supporting me.


you are a great teacher I wish you good luke and have a fun time at Antarctica.


Wow, Mrs.Hardoy!!! We are all so proud of you and what you have accomplished! We all already miss you. Good luck! 😊

Denise Hardoy

I already miss you all too! I can't wait to have some cool pictures to share with you.

Heidi Schacher

Rick and I are praying for you to stay healthy, and have safe travels. Enjoy every moment of your adventure. I am sure it is a surreal feeling to be traveling there. I get excited to go out of state, LOL. Learn a lot and have a great time.
Heidi and Rick

Denise Hardoy

Thanks! I'm a little nervous, but a lot excited. Feeling very blessed to be given this opportunity.