Joining PolarTREC feels like going from sitting on the couch yesterday to running a 5K today - in several ways!


    I have always been curious about the polar regions of the Earth and science in general, and I've always described myself as a life long learner. However, being selected as a PolarTREC Educator has amplified my interest in all things polar - tenfold! I'm "Zooming", watching Polar-Connect Events, buying books about Antarctica, and being stalked on my social media by all kinds of polar science and Antarctica related content, stories, gear, and advertisements!

    Antarctica Ready?
    Mason and Camden Kautzer, Cassie Kautzer's three year old twin nephews, get "Antarctica ready" from central Wisconsin since there was no snow for Cassie in Arkansas this year. Photo Credit: Cassie Kautzer


    This is a definite couch to 5K moment! There is so much to learn! What is PolarTREC? What are the requirements of educators? What can I do to be a contributing member of the science team? How do I get to Antarctica? Who will teach my students while I'm gone? How do I prepare for weather in Antarctica in when its currently over eighty degrees in Arkansas? And so much more....

    First Things First

    I have set up a work space. I have read the PolarTREC Orientation task lists and daily agendas, and am working my way through the PolarTREC Educator Manual. I am making task lists, just as I ask my students to write in their agenda, and checking things off one at a time.

    First Things First
    An updated office and learning space set up, so Cassie can work on "First Things First." Photo Credit: Cassie Kautzer

    For My Students

    What things can you write down to help you be successful in accomplishing tasks?