It's been sunny and warm here the last couple of days! We have just one more day of collecting samples before we spend a couple of days packing up. We anticipate flying back to McMurdo Station over the coming weekend.

    Here's a little tour to show you Lake Fryxell camp - a little more plush than Lake Bonney!:

    Lake Fryxell
    Weather Summary
    Sunny, warmer and windy
    Wind Chill


    Nancy H

    A wonderful tour of Lake Fryxell! Good luck with the final collection and packing and safe travels!


    what is the coldest temperature it has been there?

    Mike Nagle (Be…

    I've been enjoying your team's progress. Just curious, why are the tents spaced so far apart at camp.

    Lucy Coleman

    Hi Mike! We are spaced so far apart for a few reasons. You can't tell from the photos, but the tent spaces are defined by rock rings so that from year to year, the tents end up in the same place to prevent alot of impact to the soils all over the place. Long ago, these sites were chosen probably to give each person some space- when its not windy, you can hear EVERYTHING next door. I don't think anyone wants to hear their neighbor snoring when they don't have to!