We celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Dry Valleys, too! Our team took the day off from drilling and sciencing. We hiked over to another remote field camp at Lake Hoare, about 4 miles from here. The hike took us down to the end of Lake Fryxell and around the edge of the mighty Canada GlacierA mass of ice that persists for many years and notably deforms and flows under the influence of gravity.. The folks at Lake Hoare invited all of the people from 4 camps - 20 people in all - to a traditional dinner. Here are some photos of the hike and dinner:

    It was a delicious meal, good company, and an adventure to see another field camp. Each one has its own setting and comforts.

    Plus, each of us got a shower!

    Lake Fryxell
    Weather Summary
    Overcast, flurries of snow


    Kris C

    What a special treat to have Thanksgiving at Antarctica! Thanks for sharing the photos of your day! Quite a hike too !

    Ashtyn V.

    Those photos are so cool. Glad you had a great thanksgiving in Antarctica.

    DJ Catalano Period 1

    I think it's cool how you still had thanksgiving in Antarctica.

    Sophie P1

    Thanksgiving in Antarctica sounds fun

    Elisabeth M

    The photos give me a good idea on what a good time you had. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!


    hope your time up there is going good

    Braely H

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Alyssa I

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Lily Q

    That must've been a very interesting Thanksgiving.

    Rachel K

    So your group hiked 8 miles to and from on Turkey Day? Good exercise!

    Christina Esbeck

    seems cool to be in alaska. What is your favorite part of being in alaska? What was your favorite part of thanksgiving in alaska?

    Lucy Coleman

    Hi Christina!! I love Alaska but we are at the opposite end of the planet- Antarctica!

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving? The hike to Lake Hoare was beautiful, and it was also really fun to spend the holiday with other research teams. It seems like the setting and the people were a once-in-a-lifetime experience!