Scientists ask questions about many different complex systems, like lakes with lots of biological and physical characteristics. Here's how scientists use models to understand one of these phenomena:

    Lake Fryxell
    Weather Summary
    Wind Speed
    18.5 m/s
    Wind Chill


    Rachel K

    It's interesting to see how your team is dealing with difficult conditions to find and isolate fungi and algae and bacteria. And to see some of the methods used to collect the critters. Glad I can't smell in there tho, since Rachael says its a stinky butt smell, lol!

    Elisabeth M

    Glad I'm not there to smell the stinky bacteria.

    DJ Catalano Period 1

    It's cool to see of all the methods you guys use.

    Sophie P1

    Science is so cool....... how is Antarctica b

    Bill Henske

    This is so cool Lucy. My science class is learning about aquatic ecosystems now and the kids love the exceptions to the rule- not photosynthetic producers, not consumers. Great to hear about these different world ecosystems that help us understand our everyday ecosystems better. I didn't believe about the mega wind until I saw the whole shelter rattling!

    E. Towns

    These videos are so cool!!!