In fits and starts, it's warming up here at Lake Fryxell! We have less than a week left of getting as much science done as we can. We go out everyday and drill and collect water samples. Some days have been overcast, windy and frigid. Other days are like today with calm breezes and big blue sky!

    Every time we create a hole through the ice, we collect a lot of data. We lower instruments into the water that measure all kinds of things: dissolved oxygen, amount of light available for photosynthesis, temperature, and the numbers of different kinds of cells that we find at each depth of lake water.

    All of this helps us understand this very complex and interesting lake system. Here's a better idea of how it fits together:

    Lake Fryxell
    Weather Summary
    Sunny and calm!!


    DJ Catalano Period 1

    I thought it was really cool to see the graph!

    Sophie P1

    Cool graph!

    Gabe Mendez

    Antarctica lit on God

    Elisabeth M

    That is a really cool graph.


    so cool ong

    Isabella James…

    I like the graph

    Alyssa I

    I liked the graph I thought it was really cool.

    Braely H

    Nice graph

    Denys stadnytskyi

    I really liked how the graph looks and i hope you guys are having fun.

    Max Brown

    I've only read a few of your journals but I was wondering how do you stay warm at night?

    Lucy Coleman


    We have a few strategies for staying warm at night! Our tents are small, so we don't have as much space to heat up with our bodies. Some of us have 2 sleeping bags, but even one sleeping bag is pretty warm. Additionally, some of us stick a bottle of really hot water in the sleeping bag with us and that can radiate extra heat for hours at night.

    Getting out of the sleeping bag in the morning is the problem!!