We've made our move via helicopter from Lake Bonney to Lake Fryxell. I've made a little slideshow with some extra photos of Lake Bonney:

    Now we are at Lake Fryxell, which is in the same valley but closer to the ocean by 5-10 miles or so. Lake Fryxell is in a wide, wide basin, and the lake has a big, glassy flat moat around it. In contrast, the lake ice has lots and lots of bumps and heaves and topography that is very beautiful. I'll share more in the days ahead, but here are a couple of photos from our first day here.

    Negotiating the ice on Lake Fryxell.
    Rachael negotiates the ice on Lake Fryxell.

    Atop the lake ice.
    Brad on top of a knob of ice on the lake.

    Walking the moat ice at Lake Fryxell
    Walking the moat ice at Lake Fryxell

    Weather Summary
    Sunny and fairly calm breezes
    Wind Chill


    Rachel K

    Riding around on the 6 wheeled vehicle on crazy ice looks fun!

    Elisabeth M

    The video was very helpful because it shows me what has been happening.

    DJ Catalano Period 1

    I like the slideshow!

    Sophie P1

    So pretty and fun

    Lily Q

    Wow the moat looks so pretty!