26 March 2018 **READY...SET...BOLDY GO!**

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We are so glad that you have

We are so glad that you have joined our PolarTREC family Mike! And I think you forgot to mention the two people who ride unicycles in the group. :)

Re: Judy Fahnestock commented on 26 March 2018 **READY...SET....

Thanks Judy! These people are all superstars!

Super journal!

I appreciate your enthusiasm- it comes through very clearly in this entry. You're going to have an amazing experience and will bring back so much to share with students!

A most excellent odyssey awaits!

Mike, this is going to be an incredible experience for you and your students. We need to connect classes, too. I call dibs on your skype-from-the-field opportunities! Can't wait to learn from you.

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These people sound like they were here before.....


Aubs, I'm not sure what you mean. The people that have written comments or questions are also PolarTREC teachers. They were there with me in Alaska, so if you mean that they seem to know me, they do, we are all friends. They are all amazing teachers who are willing to go to remote places for long periods of time in order to be better teachers and to inspire their students to become interested in science and maybe become scientists when they grow up!

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Are you nerves

We’re you nerves when you met these people and did they tell you about there story I’m Bailey from Dansville Middle school


Bailey, I am not nervous about doing my job. I'm more nervous about being able to do my PolarConnect (a video chat with students back home in the US) and being able to post my journals like this one. I'll be writing a journal about your question in the next week or so.

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fast food

hi i was wondering sense your traveling to antrtica would you miss fast food places?

Fast food?

Christian, I don't eat much fast food here at home, so I'm not going to miss not having any available. I've been told by almost everyone who has been there that the food at McMurdo and South Pole Stations is excellent! I like all kinds of food and I'm looking forward to seeing what it will be like down there. What I will miss, is fresh fruits and vegetables. Since it is sometimes difficult and a very long trip to get fresh foods to the south pole, most of the time they are very rare.

Trent Ackerson
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Mr. Penn

Hey, my name is Trent Ackerson from Dansville Middle schools, i was thinking about all the crazy people you met. So whats something crazy about you?


Trent, The "crazy" thing about me was that I can ride a unicycle.

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Hi Mr.Penn I am Rebekah from Dansville Middle schools and I was wondering who are the four other people going with you and were you nerves meeting them. Do you know where they are from.


Rebekah, I wasn't really nervous to meet them. I knew that they were all teachers and all very qualified and adventurous! It turned out that they were all very nice and all of them have become my friends. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the other 10 of them are from all over the country.

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Thank you for coming to our school and telling us all about what you are going to do when you go to Antarctica. Also thanks for responding to my E-mail.
From Dansville,


Rebekah, You are so welcome, it was my pleasure. It was great to get to visit you in Michigan. I've gotten to talk to thousands of students so far and 350 of there were in Dansville!

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I am so glad that our tiny town could be apart of your awesome trip. I hope you can visit us after you trip.

Abby Post
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How many tests did you have to pass?

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