8 February 2017 Chena Hot Springs

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Hot Springs night!

All day I was thinking...I bet they went to Chena last night!! Pretty cool! Nice intro writing your journal. Glad you are getting to see fresh snow fall, and your first!! ENJOY!

Great selfie photo!

Hi Lesley! Great selfie photo! Your eyes say it all. Your first snow experience! Thanks for sharing tech tips back and forth this week! Looking forward to following your expedition! Safe travels and more snow adventures!-Lisa

Ice Crystals

The narrow depth of field really highlights the ice crystals. Nice photo.

Great images!

Your photos say it all! Best wishes to you! Lee

Hailey Bault an...
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Your video is awesome! My mom laughed the whole time and she thought it was great too. I'm Jennifer's youngest daughter. I hear you're coming to Wisconsin, and I would love to meet you. I'm going to follow your expedition, as well as my mom's.

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Temperature: 3˙F

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