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Getting back to Linne
Did we press the buttons properly last year?!
Mike Retelle
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One week to go

HI Maggie- Thanks for the note. It was great seeing you on the PolarTREC teacher bookmarks, aka the arctic trading cards. Today I ran into one of our biology students here at Bates who just returned from an oceanographic trip that started in Longyearbyen and he got me excited with his description of the ice conditions in the fjords and in the Barents Sea and the results of their cruise.

This season at Kap Linne I'm really looking forward to mapping the margin of Linnebreen and seeing some of the results from the delta and glaciercams and the loggers in the lake.  Steve Roof got some interesting data from the spring field work and it'll be "cool" to see the whole picture of how ice and snowmelt and river discharge evolved. We'll definitely be thinking of you and the past PolarTREC teachers and REU-ers. We'll be in touch soon!  


Al Werner
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we'll miss you!


Hi Maggie,

We will miss you this year!

And yes we are certainly eager to share the new data with you and others for that matter!

Mike doesn't know about this yet, so keep it under your balaklava, but I am hoping to deploy a new sensor to measure underflow currents - can't tell you any more until I see if it works! Sort of a need to know basis! :)

Thanks for all your good work!