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This is a STEM-based lesson that can be taught in class or online. Students will analyze Weddell seal pup growth data, collected by the Growing Up on Ice, B-030, research team. To use this lesson virtually, include the data cards and have students either construct graphs and upload an image of their graph, or construct a graph and share using the technology that is used online in the classroom.


This lesson is Algebra 1 based. Students will apply skills to:

  1. Analyze data
  2. Represent and solve equations graphically
  3. Draw a line of best fit
  4. Write equations based on data
  5. Construct a graph including title, labeling axis, plotting data

Lesson Preparation

  • Provide students with PDF of Weddell seal pups data cards (in Lesson Materials) for each group.
  • Print copies of worksheets for class (if virtual omit graphing section or use web application.
  • Color pencils/markers, rulers, calculators may be useful. If using for stats class or computer apps class modify Excel file, it contains answers.


  • Students should be divided into groups of four (though activity can be modified to work in smaller groups or alone).
  • Provide each student with a worksheet, questions 1-7 are answered without Weddell seal pup data cards. The data cards include the data to construct graphs.


  • Microsoft Excel: Students can use data to construct graphs in Excel.
  • Students can insert trend lines and calculate slope and y-intercept and interpret what each means. Slope being growth rate and y-intercept, being predicted size at birth.
  • Statistics students can evaluate if these equations are “acceptable” and support their claim with evidence.


Data can be used to build models of Weddell seal pups growing.


  • Additional information about Weddell seals along with maps where data were collected can be found at
  • Lesson Materials include data, graphs, trendlines, and R2 values.


Student worksheets including graph construction will be assessed.


Bridget Ward, PolarTREC Teacher 2019 Springfield Central High School Springfield, MA bridgetlward [at]

Dr. Heather Liwanag California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA hliwanag [at]



Standards Other

Massachusetts Mathematics Frameworks: A-SSE A., A-CED, A-REI NGSS Practices: Developing and Using Models, Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking, Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Polar-ICE: 1D Polar climates create different living conditions. 4C The Antarctic food web is simple and dependent on ice.

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