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Justin Moodie
camera (1+ per group)
tailor’s tape measure (1 per group)
printing materials (darkroom or computer/software/printer)
tri-fold poster board (1 per group)
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In this lesson students will learn how to use photography to support scientific research by documenting collected measurement information through observational photography. This lesson was written for a Photography course, to be taught in a lab with access to either a darkroom or computers/printers. Alternatively this lesson could be modified to work in a non-photography class, by removing the photography aspect and focusing on the Weddell seals, the career of scientific research, and the skill of data collection.

This lesson was prepared as part of the PolarTREC Online Course Series by participant Justin Moodie.


9-12 Content Standard E: Science and Technology: a. Abilities of technological design

Standards Other

CA State Standards: Visual Arts (9-12 Proficient): Creative Expression – Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Visual Arts 2.4 Review and refine observational drawing skills. Careers and Career-Related Skills – Connecting and Applying What is Learned in the Visual Arts to Other Art Forms and Subject Ares and to Careers 5.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the various skills of an artist, art critic, art historian, art collector, art gallery owner, and philosopher of art (aesthetician).

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