Where in the World is King George Island? (Understanding the Geography)



Wilderness Research Foundation (USA) has developed two teaching modules based on a project we conducted in the Antarctic Peninsula in January 2010. They're available free for any educator interested in reviewing them for classroom use. The project concerned the collection of soil samples for the potential corroboration of a new conception of the carbon cycle. The principal investigator was Dr. Ning Zeng, an associate professor of meteorology at the Earth Systems Science Interdisciplinary Center of the University of Maryland.


"Scientific research", for most people, brings to mind an image of a laboratory filled with elaborate instruments inside a building at a university or similar setting. But for scientists Dr. Ning Zeng and Dr. Jay Gregg, and project manager Sheldon Bart of Wilderness Research Foundation, the location for their scientific research was on King George Island.


Wilderness Research Foundation
King George Island Expedition Educational Activities Series. Written by Michael J. Passow, Ed.D.


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