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Join the International Sun Shadows Project! - Pupils and teachers all over the world will join forces to measure the shadows of a 1m long stick.

Participation in the project is free and open to all! Teachers, students and scientists from around the world are encouraged to join in and make their own measurements and enter the data in real time on the Sun Shadow Project web site. Everybody's measurements are compiled into an online database that was initiated by Italian and Belgian teachers' measurements during the last summer season in Antarctica. Instructions are given as to how these measurements can be used in Geography lessons about the relationship of the movements of Earth in our solar system with the latitude and moment of the year.


This project is a collaboration between Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide - SPES Summer Polar School for Science Teachers and International Polar Foundation - PolarQuest.

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Information about this project can be found in various languages at the following sites:

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  • Dutch:
  • French:
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