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Authors: Dolores Garay (Redd School), Janet Warburton, and Kristin Timm
Volume XXVI, Issue 1, Spring 2010  

This  special issue of the National Earth Science Teachers Association journal, *The Earth Scientist*,  is sponsored by the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and is focused on the world's oceans. The articles, by teachers, scientists, and science educators from across the country, cover a range of topics - polar research, coral reefs, ocean acidification, air-sea interactions, climate research, the Census of Marine Life, ocean drilling, and information on cutting edge observatory initiatives.  

This issue and its contents can be purchased for $10 in the NESTA Archives.  

Citation: Garay, D., Warburton, J., & Timm, K. 2010. *Breaking Ice, Building Knowledge: The Benefits of Ship - Based Teacher Research Experiences.* The Earth Scientist. Spring 2010 Volume XXVI Issue 1 pp. 43 - 48 

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