Karl Horeis is a native of Portland, Oregon where he grew up camping on the coast, exploring the high desert, hiking the Columbia Gorge and Cascade Mountains, and reading the books at Powell's Bookstore. Being exposed to both varied ecosystems and the landscape of good stories sparked his drive to pursue a Journalism degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Subsequently, Mr. Horeis traveled to more than 20 countries and wrote for the Nevada Appeal, Associated Press, Yoga Journal, and ESPN.com before taking a job in Antarctica working for the National Science Foundation.

It was in Antarctica where he met his wife, Kitty, a teacher. Together they sailed across the Pacific Ocean before returning to Colorado where Mr. Horeis joined his wife in teaching, earning a Masters in Education from the University of Colorado. He loves teaching third and fourth graders at Foothills Academy in Wheat Ridge where he asks his students to "Create Solutions – Not Problems" on frequent outings and adventures. Mr. Horeis' hobbies include sailing, climbing, and illustrating his travel journals. His latest adventure is in parenting as he welcomed baby boy Holt into his family in March, 2010.

Foothills Academy

Wheat Reidge, CO
United States