Annamarie Pasqualone received her B.A. in biology and environmental studies from Vassar College. She is now on her second year of the PhD program at the University of Delaware, where she studies the physiological and biochemical changes associated with acclimation to extreme environments. She is very fascinated by the ways in which environmental cues trigger changes in gene expression that ultimately allow the animals to survive. This is Annamarie's second field season in McMurdo, and she is very excited to start collecting and culturing the lab's model organism, Capitella perarmata. While on the coldest continent on earth, Annamarie spends her free time hiking up Observation Hill, touring pressure ridges, and exploring ice caves. Off the ice, Annamarie enjoys line dancing and taking her cat, Purrsia, for walks on the boardwalk.

University of Delaware

Newark, NJ
United States