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Hi Ms. Lancaster this is Zainab it is raining in San Francisco; how is the weather on the continent of Anartica. I really want to know the temperature of the water? How cold is the weather? This is Jennavive from Ms. Davenport's Exceptional Education class what are you eatin for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is the food good or are you eating astronaut food? Ms. Lancaster Zainab wants to know how large is the main ship and are you going swimming in the ocean?

Amber Lancaster

The weather near Antarctica is pretty cold. It's about 34 F outsideright now. The water temperature is about the same.
Let's see, I don't really eat breakfast on the ship because my shift
starts at noon. So I ate pumpkin soup and salad when I woke up. For
dinner, I ate veggie lo-mein and fruit and had a delicious cinnamon roll
for dessert. Yum! The food is so good. It's not like astronaut food at
The ship is really big!!! I don't know the actual dimensions, but I'll
find out for you. There's no swimming in the ocean, it's way too cold!

Amber Lancaster

The main ship is 279 feet and 9 inches in length, 60 feet wide and 32feet deep. It weighs 6174 tons without anything else (fuel, people,
equipment) loaded on it.

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