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is the penguin that sicky ? and is there alot of penguin ? and how cold is the temepture? and is the boat how big is it? and is this yur frist time seing the ice? and do u enjoi over there? and does the ocean looks clean? and have u seen any sharks or any fish ? and have u went down the ocean? and if u did the ocean how deep u went down? and

Amber Lancaster

The penguin isn't actually that sick. We probably saw about 20 penguinswhen we were there. It's about 34 F. You can see the current
temperature out here just by looking at the journal.
I haven't actually gotten to see much ice, but I should start seeing a
lot of ice tomorrow. We are getting really close to the Antarctic
peninsula. I am definitely enjoying being here. The ocean looks really
clear and at one point we were in a place where we couldn't see land in
any direction!
No sharks, but I have seen 6 dolphins and 2 seals. You should see my
latest journal posting about the dolphins. I haven't been in the ocean
at all because it is way too cold. However, we will be putting cameras
into the ocean which will allow us to see things at the bottom of the
ocean floor.

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