Hi Wendy!

Here's hoping that your summer is going well! I can't believe how quickly it seems to be zipping by. All too short in Alaska. Speaking of Alaska, you'll be here soon! It will look a lot different than the last time you were here.

How are you feeling about your upcoming adventure?

Looking forward to reading your journals.

Cheers, Janet

Wendy Gorton

Hi Janet!Great to hear from you, and super-excited and packing as we speak!
I'm having a little bit of trouble with my sat phone, which is why I'm
so glad I'm testing it out. I went camping in Bend, Oregon and used some
of my new gear to test it out. Very exciting!
Looking forward to live-blogging from Alaska-- awesome!

Wendy Gorton

Hi Janet!Great to hear from you, and so excited for my travels!
I've just finished the ISTE conference, which was great and I loved
sharing PolarTREC with folks!
I'm actually replying with my SAT phone and practicing blogging from
Bend, Oregon where I am camping for the holiday. So far, so good!
Journal coming as we speak== thanks Janet!

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