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Do you get sea-sick?

From, Tessa, anna, And Lacree-sha

Emily Davenport

Yes...sadly I do. Although my stomach is tougher than some! It really depends on how much the boat rocks and rolls- the rollier the boat, the greener I get! I'm coming prepared though....I have three different kinds of sea sickness medication- Dramamine, Bonine and a little sticky patch called a Transderm Scope that I can leave on for 3 days at a time that puts medicine in my body. I tend to get VERY SLEEPY when I take sea sickness medication, and the transderm scope seems to make me the least sleepy out of the three- but I'm coming prepared just in case!! I also have a non-medication form of seasickness "medicine"- they are little wrist bands that have a ball attached that pushes on a pressure point on your wrist that is supposed to keep you from getting sea sick. I've never used these, but I figure one more method can't hurt!
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