Hi Emily! 

How's life on the boat (and the ice!)?  Dave has been sending me emails, so it seems like you have kept him alive so far.  Thanks!  How are you handling all the work?  Dave told me about his mud-sucking incident.  I told him to stay away from the mud machine to avoid causing you any more troubles.  I hope you are doing Ok health wise.  There have been big news about Seal Hunting boats and Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker trapped in the Northern Atlantics.  I thought about you and Dave.  I hope your US Ice Breaker isn't stuck and going on a smooth cruise!  Take care!

Mieko T. Shull

Emily Davenport

Hi Mieko! 
Things are good on the ship, and the ice :) Everyone's working long days (or nights)...but we're surviving!!!  We just finished a super duper coring run where we had three stations back to back...it was crazy but we survived.  Phew!
The mud machine is still cranky, David stayed away from it for awhile, but he's back at it (he's better at fixing it than I am)...hopefully we can get it working perfectly before the cruise is over, but we seem to be squeeking by with it working the way it is right now.  Maybe we're working it too hard? :)
Everyone's health is good- and the ice breaking is going well- no stuck ship yet!!  The ice is so beautiful to look at- it's somewhat surreal to think that we're traveling through it in this giant ship.  It's been a great cruise so far- we're almost 1/2 way through it- there's some great research being done on this ship!  
Hope all is well in Bellingham- give Kumo a pat for me :)

Mieko (not verified)

Hi Emily!  Thanks for your response.  I am happy to hear that you are doing well and work is moving along.  I got an email from Dave today with a photo attachment on which Dave was in his gear standing on the ice in front of the ship.  The ship is huge!  Yes, it's half way through - I hope you enjoy the rest of the cruise and stay healthy & safe.  Kumo says hi  

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