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CoolWhat kind of animals will you see and what ones will you learn about?Laughing

                                                    Melissa, McKinna, Katy, Alex

Emily Davenport

Wow!  Everyone seems very interested in the animals that I will see on my adventure!!  I already answered this question for two other groups, so I will repost what I answered for them:Great question!  I expect to see walrus, seals, whales, maybe a polar bear (from far away!), fish, lots of sea birds, and of course, what I'm studying- benthic organims!  These guys are anything that lives in or on top of the mud (underneath a body of water, like the Bering Sea), such as worms, sea stars, clams, sea anemones, and on and on and on! 
I'm going to be learning about the benthic organisms, specifically the worms and things that burrow into the mud.  I'm going to be studying what they do to the mud they live in, and how their actions in the mud affect the water that is above the mud.
I'll try and keep you posted on what types of animals I do end up seeing, and show pictures of what they look like!