One of my favorite things to do in Antarctica was lay on the ice and feel all the sounds that the Weddell seals below the ice were making. Sometimes the loud volume even made me second guess if the ice was really thick enough to hold my weight. As I got more comfortable on the ice I got closer and closer to the cracks. Armed with a long selfie stick and a GoPro I began to see what the Weddell seals were up to below the ice. Though I was very happy to stay above the ice it made it impossible to see what the GoPro was capturing until I got back to a computer. I do have an app on my phone that I tried, but the cold Antarctic temperatures caused my phone battery to die within minutes.

    I hope you enjoy the views and the sounds this video shares.


    Judy Fahnestock

    Awesome video Bridget! Do they scrape the ice to make holes? I love the clip of the mama and pup playing peekaboo.

    Bridget Ward

    Yes, they "ream" the ice to keep breathing holes open and to help them get out of the water.