Hi Everyone,
Check out this cute short video I made with a few video clips and pictures of Weddell seals, I hope you enjoy!


Sharon O'Connor

We loved the video and pictures! We noticed the seal moves like an inchworm when it moves across the ice. It was really cool when it slid down the ice!
My student, Alanis, thinks the seal moms and pups look the same, just like we look like our family.

Do you have a favorite seal?

When are you coming back to Springfield?

Bridget Ward

I talked to the team and they said so far no one knows for sure, but we do notice a visual similarity between mom's and their pups.

I can't say I have a favorite seal, but there are aspects of each one that make them have their own little personalities, that I like.

I should be heading back before Thanksgiving!

Holly C Tuttle

Comment here.
What are the seals predators? They are so cute!!!!How long are they with mom?
How about the penguins? Any awesome pix of them??

Bridget Ward

The seals' predators are orcas and leopard seals. They are not a threat currently, because the fast ice hasn't melted enough yet for them to be near their predators. The pups stay with their mom around 7 weeks. We did see two emperor penguins.