Cruise Day 63

Speed 17 knots (kts)

Course 180° (S)

Location Bering Sea, ~304nm N. of Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Depth 42 m

GO DEEPER DISCUSSION: (see previous journal for the questions.)

Orcas are the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family.


Our cruise covered a lot of ground last night and today, crossing about half of the Bering Sea in lively waves. Packing up continues in most science areas of the ship as the end of the expedition in Dutch Harbor approaches fast. We originally were going to arrive on Monday morning but now it looks likely that we’ll make port on Sunday night. This is welcome news to many folks who need time in port to finish wrapping everything up for the Healy’s transit to Seattle and final unpacking there in early November.

There’s been a neat tradition all cruise of different ship’s departments making Saturday night dinner, our weekly morale meal. Tonight it was the science team’s turn! Folks brainstormed courses that would be popular and that we could make with the ingredients still left after two months at sea. We ended up with Coq au vin (chicken with wine sauce), macaroni and cheese, grilled corn with onions, steamed rice, fresh dinner rolls, and ice cream cookie sandwiches. Dinner was a hit, and it was fun to help out in the galley making a meal for almost 150 people. Here are a few of the shots I took of our morale dinner- enjoy!

Chris Measures and Phoebe Lam Checking Recipe
Chris Measures and Phoebe Lam check on some recipes for the science team’s morale meal.

Desert Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
Susan Becker, Ana Ana Aguilar-Islas, Jessica Fitzsimmons, and Sarah Rauschenberg preparing ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Laura Whitmore Preparing Chicken
Laura Whitmore preparing chicken for the science team morale meal.

Bill Schmoker Sautéing Veggies
Bill Schmoker sautéing carrots and onions on a huge griddle.

Mariko Hatta and Jim Swift Making Dinner Rolls
Mariko Hatta and Jim Swift making dinner rolls.

Yang Xiang and Andrew Barna Preparing Chicken
Yang Xiang and Andrew Barna cutting portions of chicken.

Melissa Miller, Alison Gather, and Courtney Schatzman Serving Science Morale Meal
Melissa Miller, Alison Gather, and Courtney Schatzman headed up the dinner serving team.


The Healy has vast walk-in refrigerators and freezers for food storage, along with enormous stores of canned goods to replace fresh provisions as they are used up. What did long sailing expeditions do for food prior to the advent of these modern food preservation techniques?

Aloft Con web cam updated every hour
Healy Track

That's all for now. Best- Bill

Bering Sea, ~304nm N. of Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Weather Summary
Cloudy, Strong Breeze.
41° F
Wind Speed
25 MPH
Wind Chill


Janet Warburton

Great journals Bill! It's been wonderful to learn so much about this cruise and all the science. You have represented them well!
I'm looking forward to the one that says you are in Dutch and then heading home. I'm sure your family feels the same.

If you end up in Anchorage, let me know.