16 September 2015 Float Your Boat

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Re: Bolli Thor commented on 16 September 2015 Float Your Boat

Hi Bolli Thor- this is outstanding news!!

I'm sure my students will be thrilled to hear about this- could you email
me a few pics of the boat? If possible, I'd also love a rough
Latitude/Longitude and maybe a picture of the coast where you found it.

It is amazing to think of the trip this and other drifters take across the
polar region with the drifting ice pack, and wonderful to have tangible
evidence from recoveries like this.

Please feel free to reply directly to my email if you can send pics etc.:

Thanks, & Best- Bill Schmoker

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Latitude: 85° 9' 36" N
Longitude: 150° 21' 36" W
Weather Summary: Overcast and very cold, fresh breeze. Air Temp. 8° F, Wind 22 MPH, Wind Chill -12°F
Temperature: 8° F
Wind Chill: -12° F
Wind Speed: 22 MPH

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