Since we arrived on the ice, we had two days of cold weather training and then our team headed into the field. Because the weather is temporarily cooperating, and we have priority flight -we had two planes Monday through Saturday- our team was able to service two to four stations a day. Clearly this is exhausting work; however, we work when the planes can fly. As of now, we are ahead of schedule as we only have three more sites to service!
    Even with grueling pace, I found some time to make video introducing the team as well as one showcasing a typical service mission. I hope these videos allow the public to gain insight into the team, as well as our mission. Even though some of the footage is comical, real science is taking place. These scientists are some of our nations brightest, and they represent the Unites States in the efforts to expand the knowledge of this planet. Their endeavors hope to inspire the next generation of scientists to keep learning and always question what they think they know.
    Introduction to the team

    Typical seismometer station service

    McMurdo Antarctica
    Weather Summary
    Sunny and very cold
    Wind Speed
    Wind Chill